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Project Description

The campaign was aimed exclusively to GA College Students enrolled in the field of Design, ages ranging from 18yrs – Mid 30’s yrs, and who were comfortable in a multiracial environment. Interactive Conferences held by experts in the Fields of Design.The Creative Geeks at TEDx Atlanta fea- tured a variety of conferences held by experts in the fields of Advertising, Graphic Design, and illustration. These conferences also introduced the emerging technology, techniques and tricks in the field of design.

In addition, The Creative Geeks conferences ignited students creativity, making their design skills unstoppable, sharpening their technological knowl- edge to the maximum. This conferences served as a tool for creating powerful networks with designers from around the state of GA. Psychographics: College Students who are eager to learn new tricks and techniques to grow and enhance their already existing knowledge in todays leading Design Software. Plus individuals who are in search of additional creativity that will make their design skills unstoppable.

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