Be a friend of the family with a graphic design retainer

We think that your design agency should be like a family friend. Someone who is always there, always ready to take your call and help you out. Not someone who you have to re-introduce yourself to, and remind just exactly who you are, what you like and what you don’t. Here at our door is always open to our clients. We love to talk with you about your projects and your company. We’re really interested in who you are and where you want to take your business. We’re reliable, friendly and always ready to offer advice. Our retainer packages are an ideal way for us to offer continual support. We passionately believe in building long term relationships with our clients and offering good quality design. We hope you’ll accept our invitation…

Are you a business which has frequent graphic design needs but has usually commissioned a design agency on a project by project basis? If so, our retainer service is absolutely ideal for you. We understand that a lot of businesses have regular design and marketing requirements e.g. catalogs, packaging, e-campaigns, exhibition stands, newsletters, mini websites etc. By choosing our retainer service you can be assured that we will be available to work on your projects over a planned period of time at a reduced cost.


  • Cheaper: our monthly retainer fees work out to be substantially lower than our usual rate per hour.
  • Easier: We build up a long term relationship with you – so we really get to understand where you want to take your brand – there is no need to re-brief a team on your overall strategy time and time again.
  • Ongoing improvement: We will be continuing to improve your brand over a period of time without a huge initial investment from you.
  • Competitive: we would very much become part of your team – any of the new ideas we propose to place on your schedule will need to show you a return.


OK, so you think that the retainer option really is where you need to go – that’s great. The next step would be for us to have a chat with you about your monthly requirements in terms of design and marketing. We have several retainer packages available – but can tailor a specific package to suit your business. There are two parts to how our retainers work:

1. We will produce a “schedule” of all the “jobs” you require based on information we glean from you from our initial meetings. We will also given estimated timings to complete each item. These jobs will be sorted into order of priority and agreed by you.

2. We will then work on each job in the schedule in the order listed for the amount of hours of the retainer package you purchase from us.

3. At the end of each months work we will send you an update detailing the progress of the jobs on the schedule.

When the schedule is near completion we would look to propose new ideas to improve the exposure of your brand for the process to begin again. These new ideas will be presented to you and agreed before adding them to the schedule. If you have any new jobs to add to the schedule Infinite Power Studios LLC will also do so. Our retainer fees are invoiced on a monthly basis – for the month ahead.


Our retainers mean that you get as part of your team. What are we waiting for? Lets have a chat! Contact us now to book a free retainer consultation.