Working with 115 Musiq was such a pleasure on this project, in our thought process
we wanted to come up with something that was sleek but yet clean and simple. With this collaboration
I think we have exceeded the limits with this particular design, with new integration using apps for android & apple this new app makes purchasing beats on the go a breeze.

Soundclick design and logo development for Scott Supreme.

With this project we worked very intensely with Deron Woods to make sure that his site sure stands out like no other.
In this approach we incorporated a flash testimonial section, also along with introducing new features to his soundclick design and logo development.

Sean G – Underdogg Mixtape

On this project we we’re hired to design and create the branding and mixtape design for Sean G “Underdogg″ project.
In this approach we wanted to make the name stand out by using the idea of the famous David & Goliath painting, bringing the actual purpose of a true underdogg to life…

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